Home | Office

Category: concept, spatial, student
Materials: MDF, steel
Date: 2009
Home|Office is constructed entirely of MDF and uses a consistent system of joinery throughout- a composite bridle joint held by a pin. The specific configuration of these joints, in addition to a system of slots where additional movement is needed, dictate the form and range of mobility within the whole structure.
As a full-scale operable sectional model, Home|Office illustrates the concept of a transformable volume by incorporating some of the more diametric programmatic components of the den and the office. The den and the office represent, respectively, spaces of leisure and work, and as such, may dictate function by the furniture they house.
The functional realms housed within Home|Office, in their programmatic opposition to one another, flourish best under a maintained degree of separation, be it physical or psychological. That the occupant must exit one functional realm and undergo a transition before entering the other functional realm suggests more than a programmatic separation, and in fact implies a geographic separation between domains.
  • Transformable architecture full scale conceptual model, Cranbrook Academy of Art; www.justinbuilds.com