Many of my projects, particularly the more exploratory/academic ones, invoke an elaborate, painstakingly ritualistic process from conceptualization to design and fabrication- a process that isn’t explicitly evident in the final product. While this process isn’t crucial to the recognition and functional interpretation of a completed piece, it is something I like to share with my audience when I present my work, and I wish to extend that forum to this website, to further connect my process to my product.

Process: Eleven34 Stool

Eleven34 is another project I conceived and fabricated during my 10-week residency at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Unlike Infill, which was driven by an underlying formal concept (a solid, but disintegrating cube), Eleven34 came about from a profound interest in the material- a nearly 3-inch thick slab of solid walnut. Here was a piece of lumber unlike any I’d worked with before, available for my exploration and manipulation.

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Process: Infill Nesting Tables

I designed and fabricated the Infill nesting tables during a woodworking residency at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. In addition to the facilities of the Maloof Wood Barn, the opportunity for complete studio immersion during my 10-week residency made this project not only possible, but feasible, given the vast number of pieces and unremitting need to keep those pieces meticulously cataloged throughout fabrication. Assisting me in this organizational process was my computer- particularly my 3D modeling software, which informed my project from veritable napkin sketch to precise shop drawings.

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