As a student of architecture and a practitioner of furniture design, I blur any distinction that exists between the two trades. My recent work invokes a hybrid notion of designed intervention — I approach architecture from a level of detail found in furniture design, and I design furniture with consideration for its architectural impact.

Accompanying my merging of building trades is a dialog between two seemingly opposed processes: digital and analog. My work is a product of the disparity between a digital conception and analog fabrication — I choose to design on the computer and build by hand, using “reactive” materials such as wood and metal. Just as I cannot foresee the full societal impact of a completed piece of architecture, injecting the oftentimes frustrating element of digital-to-analog translation in a piece of furniture is a deliberate extension of that concession, eschewing predictability in favor of hidden opportunity. I am as immersed in fabrication as I am in design, and I constantly move between the two as I identify problems and pursue solutions.

-Justin Richards